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Welcome to Mccrory Engineering 

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Welcome to McCrory Engineering

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us here at McCrory Engineering. McCrory is the culmination of the vision to provide safe and competent engineering services and the drive to see our clients’ needs and expectations met and exceeded.

With over 37 years of providing our clients with the engineering solutions they need, we here at McCrory Engineering have a wealth of experience to call upon to make sure we get the job done quickly, safely, and right. There is a reason we have gained the reputation of being able to handle the “tough jobs”.

McCrory Engineering is well established in providing a number of engineering solutions, and is constantly adding to its repertoire of services offered. While still remaining true our legacy of helping in building strong, healthy, and safe communities, McCrory is expanding into new areas of engineering that will benefit from our experience and client-first approach.

So with that, I’d like to invite you to contact us to see if we can put our experience and expertise to work for you. Let’s see what we can build together.


Based on the Client’s demand, McCrory Engineering has capacity for feasibility studies for projects and deliver through all the stages until construction is completed. Our team provides guidance from project inception until the construction is fully executed (throughout the project phases). We provide inspection, certification and maintenance services as needed during the service life of the structure. Our team possesses expertise in all these areas of engineering. Because of our ability to integrate all these services, we are able to provide all-round quality engineering solutions.

We continually perform highly complex EPC projects, and are able to execute these projects for clients in remote locations across the globe. The projects undertaken by our engineering team include highways and bridges, mass transit, residential housing, commercial shopping centres and office buildings, schools and hospitals, parking structures, utilities and pipelines, industrial complexes, and more. We work diligently to exceed the demands of our clients and treat them with greatest respect. McCrory Engineering International has carried out various engineering and construction phases around the world and some of the services provided include:

  • Conceptual planning and feasibility studies
  • Site design and permitting
  • Hydrology, hydraulic studies and Storm water management design
  • Infrastructure assessment and Inspection, design, and modelling
  • Integrated brownfield redevelopment
  • Construction management and engineering oversight
  • Value engineering and expert witness/litigation support

Our Civil & Structural Engineering team has a broad range of experience in analysis, design, planning, and project coordination. Some of the projects executed include bridge design, buildings & other structures, roadway design, garages and drainage system. We pride ourselves in creating innovative and efficient design. McCrory Engineering goes far and beyond the basic engineering – we help clients achieve effective and long-term solutions to unusual technical challenges that may hinder their operations. Our team possesses extensive knowledge of domestic and international codes and standards. Some of our structural engineering services include:

  • Building Assessment and Maintenance
  • Inspection of Present Condition and Certification
  • Structural design and analysis
  • Structural system upgrades and optimization
  • Foundation and geotechnical recommendation
  • Value-creation Engineering
  • Dynamic analysis, and Pushover ultimate strength analysis
  • Risk and reliability analysis
  • Phase and Modular construction
  • Structural Peer review

McCrory Engineering has a trademark product called McCrory 500 for the lining of storage tanks for domestic/fire water services. This product helps to guarantee the quality life-span for at least 6 years. It helps with:

  • Cleaner water
  • No rust or scale build-up
  • Repairing leaks

McCrory Engineering equally helps in the areas of meeting compliance with OSHA requirements on Vortex plates and Side Glass. Our major product competitors are Carbon Line, Sherwin Williams, Tnemec, and PPG. We all produce epoxy materials that will be used to line tanks.


Our growth opportunity will extend the life span of manufactured water tanks, saving the occupants of existing buildings pollution from sand blasting experienced from our competitors, saves between 20-25% costs to customers ($4-5 per square feet for sandblasting). Reduced time frame of execution of such projects (48 hours for our exhaustion while our competitors will take about 7 days) and filling back the tanks within 4-6 hours as against 48 hours for our competitors. Apart from this, we intend to create additional 10 jobs annually during  our expansion program.

McCrory Engineering also has extensive experience in the internal lining of pipe. The range includes 2″ to 24″ diameter. The lining operations can be done in a yard or, in specific cases, in the field. The lining equipment is portable. The unique lining equipment was developed by McCrory Engineering and has been in use for the past 30 years.

Projects include lining of line pipe, tubing, fabricated pipe spools, and pipe for transmission lines.

McCrory Engineering has constructed lining facilities in Brazil, Mexico, and Germany. Lining plants have been designed for China and Russia. This places lining capability at the point of end use, allowing piping to be supplied from anywhere in the world. 

McCrory Engineering is dedicated to providing environmental services and solutions to all its clients. We focus on identifying, developing, designing and managing environmental aspects of projects. McCrory Engineering will work together with you to overcome complex engineering obstacles and provide guidance through complicated governmental policies so that the goals are accomplished. We follow the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standards of Practice for all our Environmental services. These services include:

  • Air Measurements and Air Quality Services
  • Environmental Health and Safety Management
  • Environmental Permitting and Licensing
  • Midstream Environmental and Engineering
  • Remediation and Site Assessment
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Water Resources
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Asbestos surveys and abatement
  • Wetlands determinations
  • Oil and gas well investigations and remediation 
  • Underground tank surveys and remediation studies
  • Monitoring well installations
  • Remediation of soils and groundwater

McCrory Engineering provides services to companies in the petroleum and oil fields that include:

  • Concrete and Steel Tank Design and Construction
  • External and Internal Lining of Pipelines

Tank and Pipe Maintenance        

For decades, McCrory Engineering has provided multi-facet services in this industry. We have demonstrated adequate capability to facilitate the development of infrastructures in different type of energy sources. We make sure to deliver on our promises in a timely fashion. We have ample resources to deliver services without unnecessary delays.

Some of our services include: 

  • Structural assessment
  • Turbines, Solar Panels, Wind Mills, 
  • Reservoirs and other storage unit coating
  • Energy Star Review


Complete management of large projects

 Architecture, control and construction of projects of all kinds, we have the experts in each area of work
  • Teams with the best in technology
  • With more than 12 years of extensive experience
  • Most awarded architects in the world




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