What We Do

What can we build together?
For over 34 years McCrory Engineering has been providing feasibility studies, front and end engineering design and detailed engineering and construction services for our clients.

At McCrory, we strive to ensure our designs and engineering services are of the utmost quality, providing our clients with solutions that are safe, durable, functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.
With expertise in inspection, maintenance and certification, McCrory is able to provide consistent and uninterrupted services and solutions for our clients and their assets.

McCrory Engineering has proficiency in the planning and installation of the maintenance facilities and equipment necessary to safely carry out efficient façade access and building maintenance.

In addition, McCrory is starting to expand into various areas of heavy construction, with team members possessing engineering experience in the construction and maintenance of dams, roadways and bridges, water supply, energy, and structural engineering.

Why McCrory?

At McCrory Engineering it is our core values that set us apart.

Exceptional Client Services

  • We utilize a client-first approach in all our interactions
  • We strive to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients by offering safe, on-time, competitively priced high quality services

Employee Safety and Excellence

  • Safety is paramount at McCrory Engineering and is the core tenant in all of our projects
  • We employ safety-minded enthusiastic professionals who share our ideals of a safe workplace and a client-first approach.

Honesty and Professionalism

  • Our business practices are guided by our commitment to integrity, transparency and professionalism
  • Our serviced are delivered with clarity, accuracy and expediency
  • We make sure all of our interactions with clients and employees are fair and ethical

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