Our professional engineering team offers a free design service that can provide you with the information and support you need to specify effective fall protection systems for your project . We offer all of our product information in a variety of file formats, including CAD and Revit, to effectively facilitate your design process and incorporate our system solutions into your building or structural drawings.OSHA requires that regular inspections be performed to ensure the safety of the workers using any facade maintenance equipment. Building owners and managers have an unavoidable liability to provide a safe working environment for workers on their buildings.


In-house Production

Rooftop Anchor products are made in the U.S.A. of the finest materials and production methods that are designed to meet or exceed OHSA and ANSI I-14.1 standards and are tested and certified by professional engineers.


FMS Installation

Rooftop Anchor Inc. offers turnkey, expert fall protection equipment installation service on our complete line of fall protection and fall arrest products. Certified installers conduct the installation and licensed engineers supervise the entire process. In addition, all of our materials are welded and inspected by AWS (American Welding Society) welders.


After installation, Rooftop Anchor load tests each product to ensure compliance with ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 safety standards and regulations.


Inspection & Certification

Our goal at McCrory Engineering is to assist you in providing the best equipment and the lowest liability exposure possible. After we have completed our inspection/load test and confirmed compliance of federal regulations, we will provide you with a Certificate of Regulation compliance. This report will be signed by a Registered Professional Engineer, meeting the requirements of Federal Regulation 29 CFR 1910.66 and Part 1926, ANSI I-14.1-2001.