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Tank & Pipe Lining – Internal And External

Tank & Pipe Lining – Internal And External

Tank & Pipe Lining – Internal And External

McCrory Engineering has a trademark product called McCrory 500 for the lining of storage tanks for domestic/fire water services. This product helps to guarantee the quality life-span for at least 6 years. It helps with:

  • Cleaner water
  • No rust or scale build-up
  • Repairing leaks

McCrory Engineering equally helps in the areas of meeting compliance with OSHA requirements on Vortex plates and Side Glass. Our major product competitors are Carbon Line, Sherwin Williams, Tnemec, and PPG. We all produce epoxy materials that will be used to line tanks.


Our growth opportunity will extend the life span of manufactured water tanks, saving the occupants of existing buildings pollution from sand blasting experienced from our competitors, saves between 20-25% costs to customers ($4-5 per square feet for sandblasting). Reduced time frame of execution of such projects (48 hours for our exhaustion while our competitors will take about 7 days) and filling back the tanks within 4-6 hours as against 48 hours for our competitors. Apart from this, we intend to create additional 10 jobs annually during  our expansion program.

McCrory Engineering also has extensive experience in the internal lining of pipe. The range includes 2″ to 24″ diameter. The lining operations can be done in a yard or, in specific cases, in the field. The lining equipment is portable. The unique lining equipment was developed by McCrory Engineering and has been in use for the past 30 years.

Projects include lining of line pipe, tubing, fabricated pipe spools, and pipe for transmission lines.

McCrory Engineering has constructed lining facilities in Brazil, Mexico, and Germany. Lining plants have been designed for China and Russia. This places lining capability at the point of end use, allowing piping to be supplied from anywhere in the world.